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DWC Competition Fees  (with convention)

Solos - $75; Duo/Trios - $50/person; Groups - $40/person; Production - $40

DWC Competition Fees  (without convention)

Solos - $95; Duo/Trios - $60/person; Groups - $50/person; Production - $45


Dance World Cup (DWC) Package Fees $450 includes the convention with all workshops from international faculty and their performances in the Gala Showcase; custom-made 3-piece outfit made in Vancouver, Canada by Public Myth, plus luxury bus transportation from the Fairmont Le Manoir Richelieu to Quebec City, including tasting of French-Canadian cuisine.


Convention Package $350 includes the convention with all the workshops from international faculty with performances in the Gala Showcase which are performed wearing their 3-piece Dance World Cup outfit made in Vancouver from Public Myth.

Whistler Tour $175 for a day of activities for teachers, dancers, and their families. The Dance World Cup Package for $450 includes the Convention Package and Quebec Tour.


Dance World Cup - Daily Admission

Adult Daily - $35

Child Daily - $25

Dance World Cup - Adult Passes for the duration of the event

Adult Passes are based on $25/day

Child Passes are based on $20/day

This does not include taxes or service fees for tickets.

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CID Membership Fee and International Certification of Dance Studies.

Dance World Cup is recognized by CID. See the CID Panorama. CID (International Dance Council) is the only organization in the world representing dance that is recognized by UNESCO (United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization).


CID membership is required to participate at Dance World Cup. Studio fees $160 US plus $80 US for a studio rep. Individual fees for independent entries is $45 US for youth under 25; $80 US for other independent competitors. Email CID Executive Secretariat for more info CID also offers International Certification of Dance Studies.

Mona D'Amours, Director, Dance World Cup describes dance in Canada at the 48th CID World Congress, Avignon, France, November 9 -13, 2016 Discover Dance in Canada.


Is there a limit to the number of entries for Dance World Cup?

Competitors must be invited to participate at Dance World Cup. There is a maximum of 3 solos/dancer who can compete in 3 separate categories. Dancers cannot compete against themselves in the same category. A dancer may not enter 2 jazz solos. There is no limit to the number of duo/trios or groups though we may limit the number of duo/trios or groups from one studio in the same category.


What are the age divisions for Dance World Cup?

The entries are divided according to the following age divisions: 6 & under; 7 - 9; 10 – 12; 13 – 15; 16- 19; 20 – 29, and 30 & Up. If there are less than 3 entries in an age division, ages may be combined for bronze, silver, and gold medals. There are no ability levels within these age groups.


When and how is the age determined for Dance World Cup?

Birth dates are required for all dancers on the online form. The online system calculates ages based on the dancers age July 1, 2023. Ages are averaged for duos, trios, groups.


What are the styles of dance for Dance World Cup?

Ballet Demi-Pointe / Pointe (Classical and Demi-Character), Lyrical, Contemporary, Modern, Jazz, Street Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Breakdance, Theatre Dance (no singing), Musical Theatre / Song & Dance (singing), Acro/Circus Arts, National / Folkloric, Variety of Styles.


What are the time limits for Dance World Cup?

Solos 3 minutes; Duos/Trios 3.5 minutes; Groups 5 minutes;

Production 5 – 10 minutes (minimum 20 dancers; with a theme, and sets or props)

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